About Us

Personal service blended with competitive pricing are key fundamental at Medicine Chest Pharmacy. Our team takes pride in providing the best customer service possible, this in part has allowed Medicine Chest Pharmacy the opportunity to provide pharmacy services for over 35 years.

Our pharmacists Joh nStenger, Jr., RPh, BS Pharm (Purdue University 1971) and Carolyn Shelton, RPh, BS Pharm (St. Louis College of Pharmacy 1978) have received specialized training in the science and art of pharmaceutical compounding. Our pharmacists regularly attend seminars related to our compounding practice to constantly expand our knowledge which allows us to provide effective andelegant producst to meet our customers needs.

We offer hormone testing and analysis offered through ZRT Laboratories with consulting services provided by our pharmacists. Testing and consultations are available for both men and women on Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol as well as Thyroid issues.

We help solve medication related problems. Contact us today!